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No matter the make, model or type of vehicle you drive, a breakdown or accident can absolutely cripple your commute and daily routine. Even a simple flat tire can be an extraordinary inconvenience at the wrong time, and major engine issues can see drivers stranded by the side of the road of in extreme conditions, inclement weather, or an unfamiliar area.

That’s why we have been working to serve the drivers of Plains for years with our suite of roadside assistance and repair services. Whether your vehicle has a dead battery, a flat tire, a malfunctioning starter or another issue that makes it inoperable, our team of service professionals can arrive on the scene armed with the equipment and expertise to get you back on the road.

As with any machine, vehicles are susceptible to breakdown, and often in the most inconvenient moments. We are standing by around the clock to deliver peace of mind throughout our service area with quick and convenient roadside assistance and repair services. Call today for emergency service or a free consultation.

Like any machine, cars frequently break down over time. If your vehicle is experiencing issues that leave you stranded on the road, don’t panic. Whether it’s engine trouble, a flat tire or a dead battery, we have the tools and techniques to bring you a quick resolution. We can also tow your vehicle to our service center using our standard or flatbed vehicles. Call us for expert towing and repair services anywhere in Plains.

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There’s never a right time for automotive issues to strike when you’re driving the streets of Plains and so our repair and response team is always standing by to provide you assistance.

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We pride ourselves on our full complement of advanced roadside assistance resources such as lockout, jump start and repair tools as well as its fleet of standard towing and flatbed trucks.

Trusted for Towing Company

Drivers around the Plains area have been turning to us for their roadside assistance needs for years, and we have gotten countless drivers back on the road with our dedicated service.

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Drivers: We Can Fix Your Car Today!

Emergency Towing

We provide 24/7 vehicle towing services so your commute can return to normal as quickly as possible.

Flatbed Towing

Some vehicles should never be transported with a standard tow assembly, and so we also maintain a fleet of flatbed trucks for heavy vehicles and specialty concerns.

Accident Recovery

Let us take your damaged vehicle to our repair center after an accident so we can get it back on the road and allow you to focus on your mental and physical recovery.

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Plains, city, Sumter county, southwest-central Georgia, U.S., 10 miles (16 km) west-southwest of Americus. A post office was established there in 1839, and when the railroad was built in 1885 several local settlements, including Magnolia Springs (or Village) and the Plains of Dura (named for the biblical plain near Babylon), regrouped to form Plains, which was incorporated in 1896. The city is at the centre of an agricultural region producing mainly peanuts (groundnuts). It became a tourist attraction in the late 1970s as the hometown of Jimmy Carter, 39th president of the United States; Carter returned there after completing his term in 1981. Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, established in 1987, preserves his home, boyhood farm, high school, and the depot that served as his 1976 presidential campaign headquarters. Pop. (2000) 637; (2010) 776.Restored boyhood farm of Jimmy Carter at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, Plains, Georgia. Jeffrey M. Frank/

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Towing operator is a welcome rescuer who lends his helping hand, when your vehicle broke down on a busy highway or met with serious accident. Thus, towing is an invaluable service and legitimate business that serves public genuinely. But there are some scam companies with unethical business practices and hidden charges, making you end up with a terrible towing experience. The supreme aim of this article is to educate you about the ways that help you protect yourself from such unscrupulous towing scams.
Bigger and bigger structures have already hit the road and it is no doubt that even bigger structures are yet to be engineered. The fact is that, as engineers come up with such creations, they also discover clever and powerful vehicles that will help to tow them. Each of them poses their own challenges, involving monumental weight and proportions. Let us see the bulkiest structures that are difficult to tow.

Some popular scams:

-- Most of the dishonest towing firm deal with crooked body shops and get paid for towing the damaged vehicle directly to their shop, instead of other legal vehicle repair shops that charge reasonably. This is one of the common scams that customer encounters often.

-- In some cases, the towing operators park your vehicle on a private property such as parking lot and never release it, unless you pay their inflating service charge. Parking violators more likely get caught into these scams.

-- Another tricky scam involves unauthorized persons with false company name and fake papers, who get you convinced with their glorifying speech for moving your vehicle to their spot for repair. Obviously, your car never returns.

Measures to be taken to get rid from towing scammers:

Check the credentials of the company:
It is much recommended to check your towing company's documents such as license, insurance papers and other paper works that ensure the credibility of the company.

Sign contract agreement:
To avoid ending up with hefty service charges, sign a contract agreement that include all the details such as number of operators required, type of towing vehicle required and total service cost etc. This way, you're less likely get scammed.

Avoid body shop referrals:
According to the municipal code, chapter 545, it is illegal for a towing company to refer any body shops or vehicle repair shops. Keep in mind, only creepy towers indulge in such activities. It is always advisable to get referrals only from friends and neighbors.

For assistance:
If you suspect your tower, never delay to contact the local authorities.

Final word:
More than anything, being well acquainted about towing scams helps you stay away from bandit tow operators.

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