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No matter the make, model or type of vehicle you drive, a breakdown or accident can absolutely cripple your commute and daily routine. Even a simple flat tire can be an extraordinary inconvenience at the wrong time, and major engine issues can see drivers stranded by the side of the road of in extreme conditions, inclement weather, or an unfamiliar area.

That’s why we have been working to serve the drivers of Plains for years with our suite of roadside assistance and repair services. Whether your vehicle has a dead battery, a flat tire, a malfunctioning starter or another issue that makes it inoperable, our team of service professionals can arrive on the scene armed with the equipment and expertise to get you back on the road.

As with any machine, vehicles are susceptible to breakdown, and often in the most inconvenient moments. We are standing by around the clock to deliver peace of mind throughout our service area with quick and convenient roadside assistance and repair services. Call today for emergency service or a free consultation.

Like any machine, cars frequently break down over time. If your vehicle is experiencing issues that leave you stranded on the road, don’t panic. Whether it’s engine trouble, a flat tire or a dead battery, we have the tools and techniques to bring you a quick resolution. We can also tow your vehicle to our service center using our standard or flatbed vehicles. Call us for expert towing and repair services anywhere in Plains.

Our Wrecker Truck Standard

Ready 24/7 in/around Plains

There’s never a right time for automotive issues to strike when you’re driving the streets of Plains and so our repair and response team is always standing by to provide you assistance.

Rapid Response for Your Vehicle Today

We pride ourselves on our full complement of advanced roadside assistance resources such as lockout, jump start and repair tools as well as its fleet of standard towing and flatbed trucks.

Trusted for Wrecker Truck

Drivers around the Plains area have been turning to us for their roadside assistance needs for years, and we have gotten countless drivers back on the road with our dedicated service.

Signature Service

We Repair and Replace Ignitions onsite.

Emergency Towing

We provide 24/7 vehicle towing services so your commute can return to normal as quickly as possible.

Flatbed Towing

Some vehicles should never be transported with a standard tow assembly, and so we also maintain a fleet of flatbed trucks for heavy vehicles and specialty concerns.

Accident Recovery

Let us take your damaged vehicle to our repair center after an accident so we can get it back on the road and allow you to focus on your mental and physical recovery.

Talented Plains Crew

Plains Georgia Dont Let A Vehicle Lockout Spoil Your Plans We Can Meet You Anywhere


Head Driver

Plains Georgia Convenient Towing And Repair Services For Drivers



Plains Georgia Drivers Dont Trust Your Vehicle To Subpar Service




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Wrecker Truck in Plains.


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Information for Plains, Georgia

Plains, city, Sumter county, southwest-central Georgia, U.S., 10 miles (16 km) west-southwest of Americus. A post office was established there in 1839, and when the railroad was built in 1885 several local settlements, including Magnolia Springs (or Village) and the Plains of Dura (named for the biblical plain near Babylon), regrouped to form Plains, which was incorporated in 1896. The city is at the centre of an agricultural region producing mainly peanuts (groundnuts). It became a tourist attraction in the late 1970s as the hometown of Jimmy Carter, 39th president of the United States; Carter returned there after completing his term in 1981. Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, established in 1987, preserves his home, boyhood farm, high school, and the depot that served as his 1976 presidential campaign headquarters. Pop. (2000) 637; (2010) 776.Restored boyhood farm of Jimmy Carter at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, Plains, Georgia. Jeffrey M. Frank/

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Plains - Our prices on towing and repair services are consistently the best. Articles

Cost Drivers

Continuing challenges in commercial auto liability range from distracted driving to increased miles driven and vehicles on the road to higher vehicle repair costs and rising severity in liability claims. Tow trucks are no exception.

'Commercial auto in general is not going to catch a break for the next several years,' Thompson said. Most everything that's commercial auto from trucking to dump trucks to garage risks is difficult. 'Any place now where there is a human being touching an auto is warfare.'

For tow trucks, it's rear-end collisions that are 'bringing insurance companies to their knees,' Thompson said.

'Drivers are going too fast and are distracted,' Thompson said. 'When you are driving a heavy commercial vehicle, like a tow truck, and you hit a car with three or four people in it, all of those people have neck and back injuries, you total their car, you will have $30,000 worth of damage to your tow truck, and it's just a rear-end collision, which theoretically is preventable.'

Right now, Thompson and ATIG are doing damage control and just trying to keep their current clients insured. 'We are working three times as hard to keep the risks that we have but there's a lot of angry people right now. We are catching it from all sides.'

None of my markets will write a towing operation and schedule a tow truck for auto liability or physical damage.'

MGAs, other brokers, and the few insurers left in the space are swamped. 'We are trying to hold our clients' hands through this and explain what's going on.'

Thompson has even had to turn away new business. 'People are calling up panicked, they are in tears because they are going to lose their business. They expire in two days and their premium tripled but you can't help them,' he said. 'I'm at the mercy of the MGAs/brokers/insurers and they only have so much manpower. Everyone is on edge.'

Managing Risk

The only thing towing companies can do is to manage their risk, Thompson said.

'I've got guys that are now putting cameras inside the trucks both facing outward and inward and if they catch their drivers eating or talking on the phone or texting, there is zero tolerance. They are fired,' he said.

He doesn't expect the insurance market for towing to bounce back anytime soon either. 'It will be a long time before insurers react to improved risk management in firms.'

For now, focus on driver training, he said. 'I can't specify that enough. And settle more claims out of pocket if you can legally. And if you have insurance right now, and it's semi affordable, then protect it with your life.'

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Were Here Around The Clock Tow And Repair We can move your vehicle to a service center in after an accident.


Dont Let A Vehicle Lockout Spoil Your Plans We Can Meet You Anywhere Drivers: Your vehicle is in good hands with us.


Convenient Towing And Repair Services For Drivers Our Automotive Services: Around the Clock, 365 Days a Year.


Drivers Dont Trust Your Vehicle To Subpar Service Residents: We can repair or replace a jammed ignition while you wait!


Roadside Assistance The Moment You Need It, Anywhere Need a flatbed tow truck? We have you covered!


Drivers Keep Rolling With Onsite Automotive Repairs Drivers: Every Second Counts in Roadside Response.


Common Roadside Issues Our fleet of response and rescue vehicles is always on the streets.


The Benefits Of Roadside Repair Stranded on the roads of in bad weather?


Drivers A Breakdown Doesnt Have To Be The End Of Your Trip From jump starts to repairs, we do it all for Drivers.


24/7 Roadside Assistance Theres Never A Right Time For Mechanical Issues Let us meet you for onsite repairs!


Our Prices On Towing And Repair Services Are Consistently The Best Affordable Towing Services for Drivers.


We Are The Highest Rated Service Affordable Onsite Tow and Repair Services.


The Most Capable Repair Team Keeping Drivers on the Road.


The Big Difference In Roadside Repair Need a Jump Start? We can help!


Dont End Up Stranded After A Breakdown On The Roads Residents: Is Your Vehicle Driving Erratically?


Onsite Lock Replacement We Repair and Replace Ignitions onsite.


Drivers Our Prices Beat Dealer Service We are the highest rated service.


Automotive Advice And Assistance For Drivers Full Service Roadside Assistance.


Drivers Engine Trouble Let Us Figure Out The Issue While You Wait From jump starts to repairs, we do it all for Drivers.


A Trusted Name In Automotive Repair Services Comprehensive Repair and Towing Services.


Serving Drivers With The Latest Equipment The benefits of roadside repair.


An Experienced Team Of Professionals On Demand Roadside Assistance for Stranded Drivers.


Standing By For Drivers Drivers: Don't trust your vehicle to subpar service.


The Local Leader In Roadside Repairs Throughout Your Area Fully Equipped Repair and Response Trucks.


Your Areas Premier Name In Automotive Services Standing By for Drivers.


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We provide Wrecker Truck services for residents and companies.


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